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Some of your Questions:

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Q. What kind of spaces can I find on Zenue?

There are a huge range of styles and sizes when it comes to venues on Zenue. We mostly focus on making use of spaces that aren’t traditional event spaces - to give your event a truly unique feel. We have spaces that suit a workshop for 30 people all the way up to 600sqm blank canvas warehouses where you can create your dream event for 400 people! 

Most of our spaces are located in central areas and the suburbs surrounding the CBDs. Further to that, we have also included all the coolest and most interesting event spaces you may already know about - this makes Zenue the only site you need to easily compare and book from the largest range of venues. Saving you countless hours searching and comparing sites.

Q. What are the benefits of booking through Zenue?

The number one benefit of Zenue is that we have spaces that no one else has! We’ve searched high and low to find the most interesting spaces to make your next event come to life. The cherry on top of that tasty little cake is that a blank canvas venue can save you (literally) thousands of dollars on catering and drinks packages at traditional event spaces as you’re able to BYO everything! Imagine a completely custom event experience for thousands of dollars less than using a traditional event space!

Q. What services can the Zenue Concierge team provide?

We offer a helping hand in all areas of the event planning process - especially when it comes to our blank canvas spaces, we know the industries best suppliers from theming, staging, AV setup right though to catering and even entertainment. We’ll help you connect the dots to make your next event an absolute breeze.  If we don’t have a space you’re looking for, or you need something really specific, then the Zenue team will search high and low to find you the perfect space.

Q. Is there a commission charged on the venue booking?

No. Because we charge a subscription to access the site, we don’t charge any commission on venue bookings - that’s a deal directly between you and the host. So go crazy and book as many venues as you like, it won’t cost any more! 

Q. How will I be charged for the booking?

The booking is a traction between you and the host. Once you request a quote from the host based on your requirements, the host will get back to you with a quote through the Zenue platform - if you’re happy with the price - simply book using Zenue’s payment gateway and you’re on your way!

Q. What is the cancellation and refund policy?

We hope that we’ve built a business that helps save you time, money and provides you with huge amounts of event inspiration but if you’re unhappy with Zenue for any reason, simply request a refund within 14 days and we’ll happily refund your annual subscription.

Q. All the other boys laugh at me in the gym showers, what can I do about this?

Unfortunately Zenue can only help you book amazing even spaces, not help with teenage insecurities. Maybe your high-school counsellor can give some more topical advice.

Q. I hooked up with a sketchy guy at a party last week, now my cha cha is burning like a wild-fire. What do I do!?

Again, Zenue is here to help you find unique spaces to make your events pop. See your OBGYN about the burning as soon as possible and perhaps be a little more selective with who you choose to copulate with in future.